As of March, 2015, I have become a contributing opinion writer for the New York Times. Starting with my op-ed on pi in the Mar 14 issue, all my NYT op-eds can be found on my New York Times website.

My OP-ED piece, Exposing the Bangalore Techie in the New York Times on the difference between being gay in the US vs India. (Nov 4, 2014)

My interview on Chicago’s WBEZ radio related to the South Asian Writing festival Kriti, where I delivered a reading and keynote address. (Sep, 2014)

On the cover of India Currents, with writer A.X. Ahmad, who interviewed me about Bollywood. (August, 2014)

“The Death of Vishnu” named one of the ten greatest Indian novels by India’s leading book journalist, Sunil Sethi. (Jun 21, 2014)

My review of Jordan Ellenberg’s book, How not to be wrong: The power of mathematical thinking in The Washington Post. (Jun 13, 2014)

“The City of Devi” wins the Bisexual Fiction Award and is a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award. (May 31, 2014)

My OP-ED piece, “The Nuclear Nightmare” in the Times of India on the threat of nuclear terrorism in India. (Jan 12, 2014)

My OP-ED piece, “Court Ruling Ignores India’s Rich Heritage of Diversity” in the Washington Post about the reversal of gay rights in India. (Dec 20, 2013)

A book recommendation I made on NPR to understand gay life in India in the context of the shameful ruling by the Indian Supreme Court to recriminalize gay sex. (Dec 14, 2013)

My response to winning the Bad Sex in Fiction Award. Includes a link to a Washington Post interview on the same. (Dec 4, 2013)

Watch me with Project Runway’s Tim Gunn in a special episode of Math and Fashion on the Scholastic Website.

My New York Times OP-ED piece on math appreciation, “How to Fall in Love with Math” (Sep 16, 2013)

My New York Times OP-ED piece on how the US gay marriage ruling may help gay rights all over the world, “The Court’s Global Message on DOMA.” (Jun 30, 2013)

My autobiographical article in Granta magazine, “How to be Gay and Indian” (Jun 25, 2013)

Fantastic review for “The City of Devi” in the UK Guardian (Mar 21, 2013).

How mathematics almost killed “The City of Devi”: article in The Daily Beast (Mar 15, 2013).

Manil Suri’s top ten books on Mumbai in the Guardian (Mar 13, 2013).

Watch Manil Suri being interviewed by Connie Martinson for LA television. Part 1 Part 2 (Mar 2, 2013).

Read a New York Times interview with Manil Suri (February 25, 2013).

Manil Suri’s top five books on New India’s soul in Goodreads (February, 2013).

Manil Suri shares his writing secrets in the Wall Street Journal (February 9, 2013).

Listen to an interview with Manil Suri and hear the author read a short excerpt from The City of Devi on WYPR’s Maryland Morning (February 6, 2013).

Definitive nationally broadcast interview with Scott Simon on NPR’s weekend edition. (January 29, 2013).

Ron Charles at the Washington Post reviews The City of Devi calling it, “the best sex comedy of the year about nuclear war between India and Pakistan.” (January 29, 2013)

Read A Literary Sex Education in Mumbai. This is a piece on the first “transformative” book one may have read as a teen – for me, it was by Harold Robbins. (National Public Radio, January 7, 2012).

Read The Silver Spring Laxmi, a short story published in The Washington Post (November 2012).

Read Mathematics and What It Means to Be Human, an essay on the intersection of mathematics and the humanities, in The Chronicle of Higher Education (October 2012).

Read The City: Mumbai. Manil Suri returns to the Indian city of a million incarnations on Newsweek (July 2011).